Monday, March 7, 2011

Melbourne, Street - Capturing Love at the Italian Festival

I was at the Italian Festival last weekend. At one of the stages along Lygon Street, there was this Italian dude in bright turquoise-y blue jacket looking like he came out of a 90s game show belting out what sounded to me like corny 90s Italian love songs (he might be a huge star back in Italy!).

Oldies were dancing in front of the stage. Some were singing along, some clapping. But I was fascinated with the people dancing, mostly. So I went to the front of the stage and snapped away. After a while as I was just soaking in the atmosphere, something caught my eye.

To my left, this girl started playfully dancing with her boyfriend. As if to mock the corny love songs, her moves were especially dramatic. Boy plays along, and what ensued was the sweetest thing I have ever seen as they played, laughed, and embraced each other. I was witnessing, dare I say it, Love.

I went up and talked to them after. First, to tell them how beautiful they looked together. Secondly, I really wanted them to have these pictures, so I asked them to contact me so that I could send these to them.

Hope you'll feel what I felt as I was capturing these that day.


  1. i hope they felt privileged that you chose to take their pictures.

  2. Haha. Very encouraging words, Ie. Actually, I felt privileged to see them dance.

  3. Nice captured moments Dude..

  4. Intense and dramatic as always. (Talking about the writing!)

  5. Benny: Thanks mate!

    Sam: Where got... Haha. Light-hearted! :)

  6. Merci beaucoup d'avoir su capturer cet instant magique,
    (the girl of the picture)