Monday, December 5, 2011

Melbourne, Street - Witnessing battle at the War of the Walls

Five graffiti artists. Five walls. Two-hour countdown. Now BATTLE. That's the whole idea behind the sold-out War of the Walls which gives street art lovers a chance to see up close and personal how some of the best graffiti artists use mere spray cans and a whole lot of skills to create truly outstanding pieces of art. I can't possibly miss this opportunity to get some cool photos.

Held at The Void in Collingwood, Melbourne, it turned out to be quite an awesome night as the cool kids downed Kirin and boogie-ed like no one's watching to DJ Tom Showtime's beats. After the artists were finished, everyone was given marbles to place in jars to vote for their favourite piece.     

Here're my pictures covering the event. You can see some more on War of the Wall's official Facebook page here

The crowd started coming in. Chilling out while awaiting for the event to begin. 

That's Rad 11 on the right, one of the graffiti artists on the night.

I think he would be very pleased with this portrait of him.

And this one too. 

Ohnoes. (How do they think up these names??)

Broes (foreground) and Mr Reliable (background) getting ready.

Couple Nike Airmaxes.

Rad 11 reads Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.


He probably designed his tattoo himself too?

El Toasto working on his monocle-wearing boxing kangaroo.

DJ Tom Showtime.

I'd love this as my comp's wallpaper.

They were giving away prizes to the crowd.

His colourful jacket caught my eye. I quite like it actually.

All the cool kids say what?

Super rad monkey voodoo skull thingo by OhNoes. I voted for this!

Super stylo shot man. I wished it was me in the picture!

This one too.

And then they danced away happily ever after in colourful pants and hats.


  1. Awesome Photos!! Such a good night, so well captured here.

  2. Thanks Matty! Let me know if there're any other upcoming awesome events like this and I'll try to get my ass there to cover it. :D