Sunday, April 10, 2011

Melbourne, Weddings - The Story of Shasha & Benny - ROM at the Old Treasury Building

Shasha and Benny's ROM at the gorgeous Old Treasury Building, Melbourne. 

This is where there was that "slight scare".

The hilarious exchanging of the vows where everybody can't stop laughing.


It's been said quite often that one never knows what will happen on your big day no matter how much you plan for it. The weather could play up. The celebrant might fall sick. The flower girl might suddenly throw a tantrum while she's walking down the aisle. You never really know.

But no matter what happens, it's all part of the couple's big day. And depending on how they perceive the things that happen  and how they react to it, it could be a beautiful day nevertheless that gives them stories to tell.

As a wedding photographer, I guess it's natural for me to always see things that happen as great opportunities to help the couple remember the eventful day, and therefore keep snapping. Cause no matter what happened, people will always look back and smile.

At Shasha and Benny's Registration of Marriage (ROM) at the Old Treasury Building, Melbourne, while it was quite a short and sweet ceremony, it was no less eventful.

In my previous post, I did say that there was "a slight scare".  As the celebrant was running with the ceremony, Benny suddenly interrupted, "Excuse me, could we just hold on for one second?"

A slightly worried look on his face. And I was thinking to myself, "Omg, don't tell me he forgot to bring the rings?"

It wasn't that bad. Turns out the rings were left in the waiting room. Everybody laughed it off and continued with the ceremony.

In my previous post, I also said that there was a hilarious exchanging of the vows. As the celebrant finished asking THE question, Benny said, "Sorry, am I supposed to answer or say something now?"

The whole room erupted in laughter.

"Yes yes, I do," Benny said, in between laughter. "Sorry, sorry. First time doing this."

Everybody can't help but laugh again.

After the ceremony, we had a very brief portrait session where I covered some formal shots of the couple with the family as well as portraits of the bride and groom. Took less than 20 minutes in all as dinner was planned at 6.30pm at Grossi Florentino on Bourke Street. I had the honour to join the family for a beautiful dinner marked by many a champagne toast congratulating the lovely couple.

Congratulations Shasha and Benny!



  1. Awesome photos, Jeremy. Must get you to take pics for me next time - be it birthday or others. Or, if I ever get married -.-

  2. Thanks Elaine! Haha, sure thing. Would love to. You've got my number. ;)

  3. What a gorgeous wedding, so modest - exactly how I want mine to be (if I even get married, that is). I think it's so much nicer having someone you know photograph your special day.. it seems more... intimate?

    Very nice Jeremy!

  4. Thanks Katie. Perhaps then you'd fly me to photograph yours in Canada? :P

  5. First off all congrats for your wedding. The story was great.