Monday, May 23, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Weddings - The Story of Jenie and Jackie

I made a trip back to my hometown Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia for a holiday, mainly, for my Dad's 60th birthday. Seeing as I was back, I took the opportunity to slip in an engagement session with my very good friends, Jenie and Jackie, who are having their wedding ceremony in October. We covered the Old KTM Station / Heritage Hotel,  few spots with beautiful old colonial pre-war shophouses, some spots near Petaling Street and proceeded to the Bandar Tasik Permaisuri park in Cheras. 

I've known Jackie for, gee, how many years now? Perhaps since high school almost 12 years ago? I can't even remember how we first met, but what I do remember is that whenever Jackie is around, the party always livens up with his laughter. I also remember the times in Melbourne back when we were poor students, up to all the shenanigans in town the night before and waking up the next morning, curing our hangovers with oily fish and chips from the corner shop in Caulfield. Jackie is always jovial, friendly and ever willing to help. Which is only fitting when he found - Jenie. 

How would one describe Jenie and Jackie? One word - "easy". 

As in, they make it look so easy to be with someone, like they're simply meant to be. How they converse. How they interact. How they joke around. And it all showed through on the day when I was shooting this engagement session with them!

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  1. KL looks like an amazing place to live and to shoot... I've never been before but I love the building structures - stunning. Great shoot Jeremy, as always!

  2. KL's becoming more and more awesome. And it's growing up quickly - the most exciting times in its history really. I sometimes wish I'm back there. Come visit the next time I'm there! I can bring you around. :)

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