Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Melbourne, Street - How to get a better shot of the Parliament House of Victoria, Pt. 2/3

Continuing on from yesterday's topic, I was talking about how I find it hard to shoot iconic buildings because they have been photographed to death, and that I'll just have to settle with not ever getting anything close to what the pros could do. And I was also saying that I just might as well buy the postcards and be done with it. 

So. The Parliament of Victoria. Here's is one of the first few I took. 

Instead of doing the usual tourist thing, (i.e. stand straight, hold up camera, snap), the first thought was to capture the perspective inside the pillars. Makes quite an interesting sight. 

I love how when I see this picture, my eyes are drawn to the big doors at the end, stray upward towards that faux balcony, and then the beautiful ceiling - absolutely love how the light played off the ceiling especially!

But wait, hold on a minute. The floors itself are intricate works of art too! Instead of just shooting the floor straight on, I tried this -

What do you think?

I have another shot to share in my next post - my fave of the lot. =)