Sunday, November 28, 2010

Melbourne, Street - Sunset at St Kilda beach

We went to St Kilda's Acland Street for a stroll the other day. The clouds were heavy and dark. Spit a little rain but the clouds decided to hold out just a little while more.

Luckily we didn't just run back to our cars and leave. Cause what happened later when the golden sun peeked through the dramatic black clouds was pretty awesome to watch. 

From behind a platform -


  1. I love the last one, how it almost breaks the composition in half. Smart shot:)

  2. Thanks Sam! It is my gave among those too.

    Actually, I wld've preferred not to break it into half, but I can't go lower as it wld've shown the floor.

  3. Jeremy, I like the colour treatment . Congrats and regards lens to lens :)


  4. Thanks Carina!

    Checked out a few of your pages as well and must say, some great stuff. :)