Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Melbourne, Street - Crazy eyes at Luna Park Melbourne

Sydney and Melbourne peeps will be familiar with this facade of Luna Park amusement park. It might even have been featured on tourist brochures because it is such a historic landmark having been around/operated since 1912! 

Because it's been around for so long, most of the rides are pretty old-school, too. 

Don't expect the latest 360' roller coaster or thrill rides. It's got a rickety 'cruising' roller coaster, the usual bumper cars (which you're not supposed to bump into other people - you just go round and round! Beats me), and those octopus rides which you sit in a vessel and it goes up and down while rotating. That's pretty much it. 

Unfortunately when I reached there it was already past 6pm, so it was pretty empty. So, no shots of happy kids. Here's one of the old man of Luna Park though. :D


  1. that first shot is awesome, a bit different to the copious amounts of luna park shots I've stumped upon over time. That rollercoaster seriously made me petrified of rollercoasters forever..

  2. Agreed, Katie. That's why I'm quite fond of that first shot, too.

    Seriously? You don't ride roller coasters anymore? Lol

  3. bring me there! and i love the pictures here. (Y)

  4. i've been searching for funfair here in kl but couldnt get any, i only remember the only time i went to the funfair was with you and the family. nearby plaza pheonix right?! hahah. or you weren't with us?! just miss those swinging ferris wheel and catching a duck game. (: anyways, keep taking good pictures. ;)