Friday, December 17, 2010

Melbourne, Street - Where do Santa Mails go?

I grew up reading a lot of English books. Enid Blyton's. John Grisham. Charles Dickens. Countless fairy tales. I even remember climbing up a chair to reach a cupboard where mom's books were stored. Looking back, it's really a wonder that I didn't fall down and break a leg.

Reading brought me to this other world, i.e. the Western world, exposing me to things and cultures I didn't see growing up in Malaysia. 

When it comes to Christmas, I used to read about these American/English parents telling their kids to be nice, or else they wouldn't get a present from Santa. They also tell the kids to write Santa a mail to tell him what they want for Christmas. 

I never thought that people really do write Santa mail. Until I saw this. I wonder who actually collects and read the mails posted. And if they actually do anything about them i.e. reply?

Christmas is fast approaching! How happy are you?! What are your plans for Christmas? Anything special?


  1. nothing special here, just off on public holidays & the rest Im working my ass off.... =(

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