Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Melbourne, Weddings - Groom's request

At the groom's request is this picture of Pearl and Kelvin in front of a moving tram. But not just any tram - it's a Melbourne's City Circle tram.  

Yes, it's free. But that wasn't the point. The point is the deep maroon colour of the tram and the lovely, old school, exterior of the W-class trams. 

Ah, the W-class trams - the cultural icons of Melbourne. I've gotten used to hearing it in the city. But if you really listen, you could hear them rattling away, its wooden body screeching to halt, it's bells ting-ting-ing away, and still ferrying tourists from around the world, around Melbourne. 

It's funny how sometimes when you're not waiting for something, you keep seeing it. But when you want it, you're made to wait for it. 

You see, we were taking pictures at Parliament, which, if you're in Melbourne, you'll know that it sits at the top end of Bourke Street. The City Circle goes past it along Spring Street. 

After the groom requested it, we kept seeing the City Circle passing by. But when we were done with Parliament and waited at the tram stop, we had to wait around at least 15 mins! 

Even funnier still, when one came at last, I readied myself and was looking into the viewfinder ready to click. The tram conductor thought I was already taking pictures, and so, waited for me. 

What ensued was a waiting game with a tram-load of tourists losing their patience. Lol. Eventually, I had to signal the conductor to go. Took three shots, the second one was perfect. I knew I had it in the can. Next location!

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