Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Melbourne, Street - Playing with forms and colour

I think photography's a bit like graphic design. But rather than having to create stuff from scratch, you manipulate and compose with what you have. Forms, colours, lines, textures - those are the tools a photographer can use to lead the eye. 

Can you spot the elements that I used in this photo? :) 


  1. line, texture, colours, composition. i think photos of centre aligned jetties are boring (and a cop out). you move everything to the right, but still manage to pull our gaze through the picture.

    for me, i land on the girl and lamp post. it's a very lonely picture, simplistic, but very effective.

  2. :) Thanks Katie!

    Agree with ya. I really like this photo cos all the 'lines' actually point to the main subject - i.e. the girl in pink. The horizon, the hand rail coming out from the bottom left, even the lamppost draws the eye towards the girl.

    And of course, she's in pink against a palette of plain whites.

    You're right about the centre aligned jetties too. I always avoid centre perspectives - it's very distracting to the ey.