Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy's boy

Photographer unknown.

It happens to me every. Single. Time. 

Every time I go back to KL for a holiday, I can't help but leave with a very heavy heart thinking how I could have been a better son. How I should've spent more time with my mom. How I should've taken more pictures with her. How I should've talked to her more. 

I really wish I could see her every. Single. Day. 

Mom, thanks for all the home-cooked food. Thanks for the care and love. And thanks for simply being the most awesomest mom in the world. 

I love you, mommy. Happy Mother's Day!


(P.s. - That's mom in the cool pants and me in the cool sneaks. Circa 1989.)


  1. it must be really difficult to go back and spend so much time with her, get used to her being there again, and then having to leave. :( you should try and convince her to come to melbourne heh x

  2. Yeah it definitely was. Missing her already. :'(

    She does come once in a while, but I guess it's never enough hey.

    How about you? Missing family?