Sunday, December 4, 2011

Melbourne, Street - Abbotsford Supper Market

I've been hanging out a lot lately. And most of the time at markets. Most probably because with the weather now getting warmer as we move into summer (Melbourne sure is a fickle lady though), there're many such arts and craft markets popping up all over.

I love indulging myself in beautiful things some really talented people out there create. And it helps that I can usually taste something new from another culture while browsing. Guess Melbourne's great like that. Of course, I also want to get some shots in.

The thing about street photography is sometimes you could go out for a whole day and you could end up with not even a single "usable" or "good" shot. And sometimes when I'm really, really lucky, I could end up with a whole lot I'm happy to post here on this site.

On this occasion at the Abbotsford Supper Market, I'm just kinda-okay lucky. =)

I love the second picture. You just know they were having so much fun!

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