Sunday, January 8, 2012

Melbourne, Street - Mekong Vietnamese Noodles

Perhaps Mekong's Vietnamese noodles used to be good. Like, a long, long time ago back when they weren't famous. Nowadays, they're just famous for being famous. If you knew your way around Melbourne a bit, you'd easily find any other more authentic, better tasting noodle soup.

Or maybe they're weren't good at all all these while, and that it's smart business move was choosing the right location - being situated on the main street of the city on Swanton St. But I think the smartest move yet is the little orange sticker you see in the photo above. It reads "Bill Clinton had two bowls. How many can you have?" That sticker's been there since I was a student here, most possibly much longer before that. One can't argue with the effectiveness of these few sentences. Brilliant.