Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street, Sydney - The very magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Mangnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge. 
Straight out of camera JPEG. 

Have you moved cities before? How immensely troublesome it is hey? I know, I've moved quite a few times. KL, Melbourne and most recently, Sydney.

Seems strange when you've been in a city for your whole life and have formed deep relationships with people and then having to uproot to a completely new place.

Troublesome. Lonesome. Scary even.

But out of it, I actually find it really refreshing.

It reminds you to never be too attached to something, somewhere, or even someone. Trust me, when you have to pack everything you've ever owned in your life into a 25kg suitcase, you learn to let go. History's taught me that smiling however sweetly at the ground crew will not increase your chances of exceeding the limit by any more than 5 kilos. As for relationships, of course one should always try to keep them. It's much easier nowadays anyway with free VOIP and whatnot.

The thing is, stay enough in a place, or if you're expecting to live there for a bit, (by that, I mean permanently), you somehow appreciate it less. If you're in KL, the KLCC Towers are always there. You'd be caught dead taking pictures in front of it. Ditto, the Harbour Bridge / Sydney Opera House for Sydneysiders. It's "there". But the tourists flock hundreds of miles just to see it. 

New cities, on the other hand, gives you a whole new world to explore. Your senses are sharper. You're more aware. Laneways, people, culture, and even big ticket touristy sights (like the picture below). Visual feasts if you open your eyes and know to look.

Let's hope I keep appreciating this city more (touristy sights included) as I stay here longer. Here's to Sydney! 

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