Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sydney, Engagement - Irene and Ryan's pre-wedding photography - Part I

Irene and Ryan engaged me for some pre-wedding photos a while ago back in April. They both live and work in Singapore and were originally from Malaysia. It's quite amazing when I think about how people are willing to make the leap of faith to engage a wedding photographer from another country, ie. Sydney, Australia - considering all the preparations that need to go into it before hand and the wedding gowns / suits they need to bring across borders! Nevertheless, that's what I'm here for. Planning everything from the itinerary of the day, locations, transport as well as advice on wardrobe. 

The day when we were scheduled to shoot was a disaster weather-wise as we had the biggest rainfall / thunderstorm that we've had in Sydney for a while.  With the both of them getting all wet and cold, and not being able to get the locations they want in their album, we tried to sneak in as many shots as we could and decided to call it a day. 

Here're some shots from the first day. Love the last shot! 


  1. Great pictures and so meaningful too ...warmth, shelter each other and yes the umbrella too... it signifies for the male... he is grown up and become man of the family (looking at the structure of umbrella it forms the chinese character "people")... and umbrella normally given to bride on wedding date... "to go forth and produce sons" (Chinese sound of the word umbrella)!

  2. I really like your pre-wedding photography and both of you look fabulous. Can you please tell me which photographer you had hired in this photo-shoot?

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