Saturday, November 20, 2010

Introducing Biskie the Ginger

This is my aunt's cat. Having lived with him for two years, he is every bit the 'ginger' - throws a fiery temper every once in a while.  

Every friend who's seen him remarks that he's bigger than a dog (what kind they didn't specify). And I reckon he thinks he's quite the tiger.

One day, I saw him being chased across our backyard by a cat half his size, and jumped up to my window sill in terror. My cousin and I had to run out to his rescue. -_-'

I can't possibly take you seriously when you're in a silly panda chair, Biskie.


  1. I love Biskie! 0053 & 0075 are my favourites.. such good DOF!

  2. Thanks Katie! Cats make great subjects. Lol.