Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New York, Street - Christmas Eve at the Union Square Holiday Markets

Even before I left to the States, I was already doing a lot of research on the things that I must do during the trip. Can't remember where I read it from, but the Union Square Holiday Market was suggested should you be in New York during the holiday period. 

Thank goodness I did plan this bit in as the Union Square Holiday Market's last day is on Christmas Eve - my first 'real' traveling day in NY. 

Much like a farmer's market you could find in Melbourne, the Holiday Market offers unique buys and treats ranging from Christmas wreaths (on discount seeing as it was Christmas Eve already), real Christmas trees, organic foodstuff, and more. 

As good as it was, no, I didn't actually stay from morning till night. I actually went back to Union Square to meet up with a couple of friends for dinner. As they wanted to check out the animal beanies and mitts - all the rage this winter season in New York - I managed to squeeze in a few more pictures.

Mom would be proud - I scheduled in a Christmas Eve church service so that I could check out the gothic designs of Grace Church.


  1. Howwww are you getting these colours and tones? They are simply divine! Don't know why you would want to shoot with anything other than the 50mm, I am astounded by how beautiful the DOF is.. jealous x

  2. Haha. Thanks Katie! I read before that apparently the bokeh from the Canon's 50mm is actually nicer?? :)

    Well, I do need a bit more flexibility when I cover a wedding, so a slightly wide medium zoom would be really useful. The 50mm will be awesome to cover the details at the wedding I guess. Now, I'll need to figure out where to get money for a portrait lens, and then, the freaking gazillion bucks 70-200.

  3. love the colours and the treatment and such delicious bokeh! mm-mm.