Saturday, September 3, 2011

Winner of the MyNikonLife "Ride it" Assignment

Nikon Australia organises regular competitions with different themes every time, usually coinciding with an event they're organising or sponsoring. Some time in August last month, the brief was "Ride it" where contestants were asked to capture a street's eye view of style and fashion on wheels, celebrating the arrival of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW).

Actually, I've already lost all hope of winning, thinking that since the MSFW getting so close, they must have already contacted the winners. So there I was, enjoying a day off, on a warm early spring day at Dench Bakers in Fitzroy and having finished an almond croissant and escargot while reading the papers when I received a call from Nikon.

I won an assignment again!

I took the winning shot (the on you can see above) at a street party some time last year. There was an alleycat at the party, and after it, some of the contestants were just chilling around in a warehouse.

Here's what the judges had to say:

“Fixies and singlespeeds are all the rage these days. There’s a lot going on in this shot but everyone seems completely focused on what they’re doing – the guys on the bikes are completely dialled into their tricks whilst the guys standing around aren’t even watching, they’re absorbed in their conversation.”

I think I love this shot for the same reasons the judges did - there's just a lot going on in here with the guy doing the wheelie being the first 'wow' factor of the picture that draws you in. The next element that follows is the light that shines in from the windows, illuminating the guys in the background who are in their own conversations. To me, it is a great snapshot of a moment, which is why it's been my desktop wallpaper for quite a while.

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To see the announcement on Nikon's website, click here.

The prizes this time round are:
  • Full media accreditation at the Opening Party on Friday 2nd September 2011, including the red carpet
  • Full media accreditation to access behind the scenes media area at Melbourne Town Hall Runway Series on Wednesday 7th September 2011
  • Access to stand on the media risers during City Square and Designer Series Runway shows on Wednesday 7th September 2011
  • Full media accreditation at the Nikon MSFW Designer Series 2 Official After Party on Wednesday 7th September 2011

Looking forward to the Melbourne Fashion Spring Week! 


  1. beautiful shot!! Love it.

  2. Well done Jez, not surprised you won.

    You do b&w really, really well.

  3. Thanks Katie. You're too kind. I attribute the B&Ws to my wonderful beloved Lumix LX3. The way it renders B&Ws is just so gorgeous and rich. Leica lens FTW!

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