Sunday, September 11, 2011

Melbourne, Weddings - The Story of Sophia and Rick

It's truly wonderful to see Fate and Destiny at work to bring two persons together. In this case, Sophia and Rick who both work, met and fell in love with each other in Qatar. They came to Melbourne for a short holiday, but mainly for this pre-wedding/engagement shoot with me. I can't ask for more gracious, more appreciative and more up-for-it clients.

Typically Melbourne, the sun played hide and seek throughout the session and it was a very chilly day especially during the morning. Kudos to Sophia for braving the cold in her bridal gown! If she was cold at all, it certainly didn't show in the pictures. In fact, what I saw through the lens that day was a gorgeous lady always sporting a big wide smile. And Rick's truly a nice bloke all round - the kind you'd love to have a beer with (although, he doesn't drink!). They made me feel like I've made two good friends in just one day!

Hope you enjoy these shots as much as I did taking them. 

Makeup and hairstylist: Irene Puah


Harnessing all the magic and beauty of the soft morning sun. Sophia's natural beauty simply glows.  

Quiet. Simple. But tells so much more

^ This is the most EPIC-est photo that I have ever taken. EVER. 
My fave pic of the day!

I LOVED that Rick wore a tux with black bow tie and had his hair slicked back. Truly timeless style, this is.

I love this pic of them! So sweet together!

Sophia looks AMAZINGLY gorgeous in this picture. I'm sure Rick would agree! 

Thank you, Sophia and Rick, for such a wonderful day! I'll always remember the fun we had and the great meals we shared in between sessions. Here's wishing you both a life together ahead filled with much joy and love. 

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