Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Melbourne, Street - Spanish Fiesta on Johnston Street

Ahhh... SUMMER in Melbourne. Always heralded by the yearly Spanish Fiesta on Johnston Street - the "home" of Melbourne's Hispanic community who've settled here since before World War I. It's where you can find the highest concentration of Spanish restaurants and flamenco dance classes. And when Spain won the World Cup back in 2010, it's also where the entire street was packed with people dancing in jubilation. 

It's the Spanish, yeah? Vibrant. Passionate. Loud. Colourful. You see it in the way they speak, write, dress, dance, love, live. So that's what I sought to capture. 

You should go next year! Sit in the sun with some sangria. Chomp down some paella. Dance some salsa. It's much fun!

Fitzroy, the gentrified hipster suburb.

 Love the typo.

 Hand-letterpressed posters.

 In the back streets, people were chomping down paellas and cazuelas.

 It pays to stray off the path less taken... Off Johnston Street, there's a little pop-up pub having their own little party. The adventurous ones were rewarded with... cold beer.


  1. Lots of great photos here Jeremy. Especially love the simplicity of Churros and the close up of the Melbourne tatt. You should get on Instagram or Flickr, expose this set more!

  2. Thanks Sam! Yeah I should huh. First let's get them onto FB...

  3. ahhh these are so good, really capture how awesome and cultural the fest is. i love that shot of the melbourne tattoo on the guys neck.. someone you know or random? if so, well done on inconspicuous shooting haha.

  4. It was a random guy. I did stick around the fest for a bit walking up and down and bumped into this guy. As luck would have it!

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