Monday, December 12, 2011

Melbourne, Street - Girl, Federation Square

It feels good to be back out onto the streets of Melbourne, prowling for a good photo opportunity, seemingly walking around aimlessly. To me, it forces me to encounter, to take the time and effort to discover parts of the city I would not usually walk pass. Perhaps it's because I've lived here for a bit, so a lot of things do not surprise / excite / interest me that much anymore. And that actually makes it more and more difficult to be excited by my own photos sometimes. Or maybe I just need to 'get back into it'. 

But when I was walking around Federation Square, trying hard to observe and pick out something interesting and failed, then walking down a quiet side exit, I saw this girl who's probably on her break using an iPad. As I walked past her, I noticed that the brushed aluminium exterior of one part of the Federation Square (never usually photographed for tourist pictures) actually makes a great, monochromatic background. Its black lines all point downwards. And the girl sitting there immersed in her own little world, contrasted against it. She anchors the shot, framed by another smaller rectangle in the corner. What's more, the hand rails point to her too! Perfect. This is why I love street photography.

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