Monday, November 14, 2011

Melbourne, Street - Harvest Music Festival, The Gathering

The Flaming Lips. Portishead. The National. TV On The Radio. Mogwai. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. THE FLAMING LIPS. Omfg. How could I not go? So just two days before The Harvest (The Gathering, Melbourne), I bought the tickets. 

The weather couldn't be more perfect. Awesome surroundings of the Werribee Park. It was a typical Melbournian "music fest in the park" done really well. With the exception to the really long queues which pissed quite a lot of people off and the fact that it took me an hour bumper-to-bumper to leave, I quite enjoyed myself throughout the day. And of course, I had my beloved Lumix LX3 with me. 

There're lots of event pictures out there which do well capturing the excitement and passion of music events. But I wanted to show you how it actually FEELS like to be at a music festival here in Melbourne. What does one see as a festival goer? What are other people doing - those who're not smack in front of the stage? 

A lot of the time, nothing much seems to be happening. Everybody's just minding their own business. Enjoying the sun on the grass. Chatting. Doing a beer run. Stupendously ordinary. Yet, so many things actually happening if you really look. 

What I love most about music fests like this? The fact that no one gives a damn about judging or being judged. Wear ugly. Dance stupid. Laugh silly.  


 The Walkmen.

 "Spank me". (See it?)

 A must-have festival skill - transporting four beer cans.

 The National coming on.

 Converses and hat.

 The cult of The National.

 Uncomfortable silver shoes.

 Mogwai killing it.

 The Flaming Lips are on! A rocking entrance. Wayne Coyne in the ball. 

 Interacting with the crowd, in a ball. 

 Everlasting confetti.

 It's the Windmill Stage. 

 Wayne Coyne close up.

Ended with the epic-licious "Do You Realize?". So epic it nearly brought a tear to my eye. Just cause I felt truly grateful to be in that very moment, surrounded by people who, like me, were singing the lyrics at the top of their voices. 


  1. these are amaaaazing! they make me so jealous that i'm not in melbourne.

  2. KATIE! You're the one in Vancouver and YOU'RE making me jealous! Can I come visit you? Lol

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